noun \,’em-’kyü\
muscle quality - a measure
of your muscles’ strength
and definition.
A single index of your muscles' fitness.

MQ is designed to be intuitive. It’s a measure of your muscles’ strength and definition, using a rating scale similar to the IQ. A typical person’s muscles have an MQ of about 100, with higher numbers representing better fitness.

MQ Score Chart | SKULPT
MQ Score Chart | SKULPT

Your MQ rises as your muscles become leaner and stronger.

Aim uses EIM technology to send a small current directly through your muscles. It uses 12 sensors and multiple frequencies to get very accurate readings. Since current flows differently in muscles based on their composition and muscle fiber size, we’re able to evaluate the quality of your muscles.


Your muscle’s ability to generate force. Aim detects changes in your muscle fibers, so you can see your MQ score rise as you become stronger.


The relative percentage of fat vs muscle in a particular area. Aim recognizes even the smallest decrease in fat in a target area, before you can see a noticeable difference.

Measuring MQ enables you to see which areas you may have been neglecting or even over-training, and which muscle groups have plateaued and need a change of routine. MQ is the result of your efforts - the smart way to measure.