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Battery Safety

1. Never leave batteries plugged in and charging beyond the recommended charging time, and certainly not more than one overnight period.

2. Charging batteries should not be left unattended for long periods of time.

3. The proper charging device that came with your unit should be used, to avoid perhaps “fast-charging” type devices that may not be safe for the battery in your unit. All Skulpt devices (Aim, Aim 2.0, Chisel, Scanner) come with a charging base and cord, which should be used, and those should be plugged into a standard wall adapter &/or usb port.

4. Any type of change in physical condition or smell or excess heat in a charging unit, should be seen as a cause to unplug it immediately and seek warranty replacement if applicable.

5. In general, please follow manufacturers' recommendations for operating limits and conditions and storage, and, only use charger specifically designed for type battery being charged.