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Aim™ measures body composition and analyzes individual muscles. Press Aim against the muscle you want to measure for an accurate reading of your fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ) – the strength and definition of your muscles’.

innovative technology

Aim sends a small current directly through the muscle and fat content you are trying to measure, using optimized electrode configurations and frequencies. It analyzes thousands of data points in a fraction of a second to evaluate your muscle quality and provide you with the most accurate results.

knowledge is

Track your progress and understand your body. Aim syncs via Bluetooth so your results are stored on your personal online dashboard or mobile app. Use it to see your body’s changes with each muscle group, set personal goals, and get the knowledge you need for the most optimal workouts.



At Skulpt, we focus on creating the most user-friendly experience. Aim gives you real-time feedback with a touch of a button.



Aim’s compact and wireless design makes it convenient for you to use, wherever you are.



With remarkable accuracy specific to each muscle, Aim recognizes your slightest improvements so you can see results sooner.

Bluetooth Smart Ready


Any measurements you take will automatically sync to your personal online dashboard - keeping track of your progress, so you don’t have to.

Skulpt Aim Splash Proof


Aim uses a water-resistant design. Use it in the shower, the bathroom, or wherever you’d like.

Long Lasting


Aim uses a rechargeable battery, lasting up to two months at a time - so you can bring it to the gym without worrying about it losing charge.

let your muscles speak for themselves
revolutionizing how muscle fitness is measured

A measure of your muscles’ strength and definition.

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