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fitness tracker

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measures body fat percentage and Muscle Quality (MQ)

what's mq?

Measure what Matters

After all your effort, don’t track the activity, track results. Aim accurately measures when you’re losing fat and gaining quality muscle. It analyzes thousands of data points on 24 different muscle groups, so you get a true representation of your fitness.

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How does aim work?


Spray Aim’s sensors with water. This helps to make better contact with your skin.


Push Aim against your relaxed muscle. The metrics show instantly on the screen.


View your progress over time on the online dashboard or mobile app.

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= muscle quality

MQ is a rating of your muscles’ fitness designed to be intuitive. Higher numbers mean better fitness.

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No more pinching!

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See faster results, by tracking the slightest fitness improvements.


Designed for worry-free use.


Results sync automatically through Bluetooth SMART.


Compact and convenient. Use it anywhere.

Track your progress

  • Total Body

    Get your overall fitness. Your total body fat and MQ score is calculated by measuring four muscles: biceps, triceps, abs, and quads.

  • Track

    Visualize your changes through Aim’s graphs and color scales. Monthly, weekly, or daily.

  • Optimize

    Track your strongest muscles, improve the weaker ones, and understand where your fat lies.

Innovative technology

A small current is sent from Aim’s sensors directly through your muscle and its surrounding fat. Current flows differently in a fit muscle than one that needs improvement. Aim analyzes this and gives you a rating of your muscle quality, and fat percentage.

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