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Measures body fat percentage and Muscle Quality (MQ)

How to Measure

Track changes in your body by measuring the result of your workouts.

""[Skulpt Aim] makes all those other gadgets look like toys rather than tools."

Measure what Matters

Aim analyzes thousands of data points on 24 different muscles, to track when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. Initially used in the medical space and by NASA, this new tech revolutionizes fitness tracking, giving you greater insight into your body and fitness.

The Science

How does aim work?


Spray Aim’s sensors with water. This helps to make better contact with your skin.


Push Aim against your relaxed muscle. The metrics show instantly on the screen.


View your progress over time on the online dashboard or mobile app.

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= muscle quality

Aim evaluates your MQ based on muscle composition and muscle fiber size.
100 is average. Higher MQ means your muscles are leaner, stronger, and more fit.

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What people are saying

"while the device might seem perfectly suited to the body-building world, there is more to Skulpt than just bulking up"

"The new fitness gadget that may take over Fitbit."

[Skulpt Aim is] likely to become a staple tool for muscle building.

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Body Composition
from four muscles

A new, accurate way to get your total body fat % and MQ. Measure Biceps, Triceps, Abs & Quads.

  • 5X more accurate than BIA "smart scales"
  • 4X more accurate than skinfold calipers
  • Within 1-2% of gold standard, underwater weighing
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See faster results by tracking the slightest fitness improvements.


Designed for worry-free use.


Results sync through Bluetooth Smart.


Compact and convenient. Use it anywhere.

Track your progress

  • Total Body

    Your total body fat % and MQ score is calculated from four muscles: biceps, triceps, abs, and quads.

  • Track

    Visualize your changes through Aim’s graphs and color scales. Monthly, weekly, or daily.

  • Optimize

    Track your strongest muscles, improve the weaker ones, and understand where your fat lies.

Innovative technology

Aim analyzes fat % and MQ by sending a small current through one muscle at a time. Great precision means more accuracy.

Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM):

  • Developed in 1999 by Neurology professor of Harvard, co-founder Seward Rutkove, MD.
  • Partially funded by National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation for further development.
  • Widely adopted by the medical space since 2009. EIM is currently used in research hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical research trials.

Aim introduces EIM to fitness as the first, true way to measure fitness results.

The Science


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