The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

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The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

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Save $50 (Reg. $199.99)

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Celebrity Trainer

Tony Horton

"If you're trying to get fit and stay motivated, there's no better tool to get you there."

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Measuring just got easier! Control your Aim straight from the app.

For Android

The world’s first device to measure body fat % and muscle quality.

Train smarter for a better U

Measure body fat %, with gold standard accuracy.

Get detailed feedback about your muscle quality.

Measure 24 different muscles, individually.

Each measurement takes seconds.

Skulpt Aim

Stay motivated with detailed tracking.

Optimize your training for faster results.

Track your progress, muscle by muscle.

Apple Health plus Skulpt

New! Connect with Apple Health

"the Skulpt [Aim] truly is one of a kind"

Measure fat loss, not weight loss.

Your scale tells you half the story. Measure fat % and muscle quality to track when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle.

5X more accurate than BIA "smart scales"

4X more accurate than professional calipers

Within 1-2% of gold standard, underwater weighing

"[Skulpt Aim] makes all those other gadgets look like toys rather than tools."

Innovative technology

Aim® analyzes fat % and MQ by sending a small current through one muscle at a time. Great precision means more accuracy. Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) technology:

Developed by Harvard Neurology professor Seward Rutkove, MD. & collaborators.

Partially funded by National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation.

Validated at 50+ top US hospitals by medical experts.

Aim introduces EIM to fitness as the first, true way to measure fitness results.

"information that’s far more insightful than your body weight, waistline, or the number of calories you burned on a given day."

Let your muscles speak for themselves.

Aim® measures 24 different muscles on your body, providing detailed metrics for each muscle. See your strongest areas, and optimize your training to improve the rest.

Body composition from four muscles

Accurately measure total body fat % and MQ from four muscles: Biceps, Triceps, Abs & Quads. Aim’s clinically proven technology measures far more precisely and accurately than BIA smart scales, or professional calipers.

Track Your Way
to a Better U

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