Skulpt® - Measure Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality

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Skulpt Personalized Smart Fitness Trainer

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"Athletes could make better decisions about which muscles to target during their workouts"

Measure Accurately

Measure muscle quality and fat percentage accurately with the Chisel hand-held body scanner.

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Analyze Scientifically

Analyze and map your unique physiology with the Skulpt fitness app.

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Perform Effectively

Get personalized workout and nutrition advice based on the results of your unique measurements and analysis.

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Skulpt has changed the way I look at fitness and has been very useful in tracking my goals. Ashmit Tuladhar
I began training again to simply take weight off, and Skulpt has been my biggest motivator to see the weekly performance! John Bocek
Skulpt has really empowered me to know what's working and what's not working for me. Marc M.
I am finding that Skulpt gives me better insight on my progress which provides me motivation to meet my goals. R. Fortin